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Monday, March 5, 2012

On Lightbulbs

I noticed recently, again:

Some stores ridding their stock of incandescent bulbs, what was ushered almost in action over 1 year ago, that CFL bulbs would replace them. "Invisible" war or isolated move? I maintain fluorescent bulbs as hemlock, tasteless and traceless but in the case of mercury gas D/C light, of which express a limited and sometimes overtly negative spectrum of light is deadly to our spirit and soul. As far of level of productivity each provide, it is not brightness, but spectrum and source, and a modest number of lux that set the mood and conduced e-motion for prime productivity AND well being.

Besides, fluorescent and CFL bulbs, however you may be sold how money
saving and efficient they are, when disposed they are poison to the earth.

A 40 watt or less incandescent is prime.

Keep an eye or force out for any new type of light besides LED and incandescent that would challenge the CFL and fluorescent "COOLAID" we have all been born into accepting the last 40/50 years?