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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Power, Good and Willful

Never confuse status with good willful power. Courage is divested with the leverage of retaliation under the guise of probable deniability. In this global system good willful power is inverse to status, while the shadow of greed and insidious exterior motives preserves such status only for a return to the benefit of their plan. A mass insurgence of the marginalized will be effective in someway that the good will to the power is restored through allowing such power a path of less resistance to do good. Hatred and blame will only exacerbate the resistance to do good and we will continue to get a repeat of the same no matter who is put into the status of "power."

Equivocated Nature Danger

"Man is natural so anything man makes is natural...." is equivocating the term natural to become all inclusive of which the term artificial becomes null.

There is a mathematical measure that differentiates natural from unnatural called Benford's Law or Scalar Invarience. All undisrupted dynamic systems follow, when measured, a consistent distribution of significant digits, whether you are measuring stock markets, weather patterns, migration patterns, plant growth patterns, language etc. Anything that does not follow Benford's Law is destructive to the balance of a dynamic system. And this is what we are facing today on many fronts.