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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Branches and Roots Knowing

With media literacy we can watch the mainstream media, as weathermen, and not as decks of cards used to play a bleak game of Risk. As activists, philanthropist and civil individuals, without media literacy and historical literacy, we have no hindsight as weathermen, and as a result, ignoring or absorbing propaganda and the big picture of the current, we strike at the branches or against each other and not the roots of our individual and social issues. We must be inspired, collaboratively educated between each other and tactical. We must work within the gamut of our current understanding, expand it without fear and with the highest regard of respect toward the good potential of everyone, including immediate authority right down to your debt collector and hypnotized neighbor.

If we use hate, anger and ignorance to point our fingers, they win!

Through media literacy, we can start to take back our republic from the corporations and eventually from the "string pullers." Then we can discover our role to literate ourselves how to be healthy as individuals and as a society, through individual sovereignty.

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