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Monday, January 9, 2012

Ethereal Communication

Communications outside the dimensions of our physical reality cannot be jammed by conventional wave cancellation and cloaking technology. There are two ideas that I came to mind tonight to make this possible and each requires nodes that are nodes because of some associative property, where affecting one effects the other, either mnemonic or through beyond speed of light to bring time to a standstill for transfer of resonating profiles. Each method are in fact the same, only that observer may either be in or out of that time space continuum. A craft can get from point A to point B without "traveling" by bringing time to a standstill. This can be achieved by a rotating disc, that on the outside reaches near speed of light causing the inside ring to spin faster than light creating a space time vortex. Navigation is achieved I think through a mnemonic device (associated Node position A to associated Node position B) of a conscious being on craft. This method opens the possibility of space and time travel. Undestructive time travel is possible due to the free will and determinism duality of our perceived reality of time and space. Since past nor future exist the quantum probability breaks the cause and effect relationship down to the synchronism of the moment, the scaler invariance of chance, where events in the universe respond with each other instantaneously. Cause and effect determinism is observed through the past and future projections, not moment, of planned constructs to dictate action. When artificially inseminated the scale invariance breaks down to randomness or illness of the natural distribution, leading to disorder or imbalance of the systems ecology. This breakdown by either randomness or illness is a product of observation reaction.

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